2016 Conference Themes

1. Reaching out across disciplines.                                                                                                           What happens when art, design and media engage with other disciplines? How do these relationships enrich curriculum, teaching, learning and the student experience? What do art, design and media students learn from working with scientists, engineers, humanities and health professionals? What do their students learn from working with students in creative disciplines?

2. Creative pedagogies beyond the disciplines.                                                                                       How might creative teaching and learning pedagogies enrich and inform practice across the disciplines? What is their value beyond art, design and media? Are studio – based pedagogies of use beyond the art school and vice versa, and what do we learn from these experiences?

3. Art, Design and Media teaching and learning beyond the university.                                                   How do partnerships with industry, business, communities and the creative / cultural sectors inform teaching and learning in art, design and media and enrich the student experience?

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